Hi 👋 we're upgrading your pets mealtime



Welcome to a modern, cruelty-free pet nutrition and wellness co. You're here because you're as obsessed about your pet as we are about ours. And, they deserve the best!

Lenny's is woman owned and made for the humane, the health-conscious pet parents, for the voiceless, the change-makers and the caring. We pursued the best nutritional ingredients essential to maintaining and sustaining our pets health, dietary needs and modern lifestyles - all without harming defenseless and voiceless animals.

The way we care for our pets has evolved and with few 100% plant-based and cruelty-free options available on the market, we challenged ourselves to create the easiest and most affordable way to add fun, flavorful and natural health benefits to every meal.

Inspired by our work in rescue and the animals we've taken into our care, Lenny's is a brand made for the modern pet parent. 

For Culture.

For the Not-So-Quiet. The Voiceless.

The Change-Makers. The Doers. 

The Ageless. 

The Inclusive. 

The Future.

The Animals. 

The Planet. 

The Humane.