Lenny's rescue story


Had it not been down to two U.S¬†registered dog¬†rescues¬†Slaughterhouse Survivors and Road Dogs &¬†Rescue¬†who¬†came together on their mission, Lenny¬†along¬†with 30 other dogs were only hours from¬†being sold to a meat truck ūü•ļ

Lenny was born in a country where they do not have the same animal protection laws and an environment where animals, including pets, are brutally sold to wet markets. Confined to a moldy wired cage and fed a diet consisting of plastic and rotten corn, choosing a diet for Lenny was high-stakes for his recovery and so, we provided Lenny nutrient-rich, vegan supplements to his mealtimes. He rapidly improved his immunity in as little as a few weeks to support and develop his overall profound health, which would later go on to inspire the rescue workers and veterinarians, to every passerby today.

We believe natural supplements essential to our pet's wellness and modern lifestyles should be accessible and affordable to everybody. Our ethos is that what we feed our pets should not only taste and do good but not harm or sacrifice a defenseless animal.

A new modern, cruelty-free pet nutrition and wellness company was born.



Watch Lenny's rescue as it happened back in September 2019 here.